Big Brother season 19 episode 3 720p Full Download Torrent

Big Brother season 19 episode 3 720p Full Download Torrent

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Big Brother season 19 episode 3

Great brother, since the beginning of 2000, has become an annual tradition for fans; Every summer (except during the winter 2008 edition) viewers lead new house guests, new challenges and new diversions! How this game works: Once a week there is a big domestic challenge, which is all players ability to compete at home. HoH has two houseguests to destroy them. A few days later Veto held competition, six players (HoH, candidates and three guests) FeteteOn tried toa golden power, which gives it the power to call a “voice” or to call HoH. In this way, HoH will forbid another person (to determine any other non-Veto receiver). Then, on a weekly departure, HouseGuests throw away from home. Competitions are held on the road (if they do not earn their house, get a “Slop” a week) and a lucky competition occasionally until the show ends, where the jury members vote for the jury Pobjednik, who is a half a million dollars received! Big Brother 14 will have 16 guestsand 4 will return from previous seasons. 4 guests are backed up by mentors of a group of 3 persons. Only the tutors in each group go home, their team goes home. BB16 now has 2 HOHs. Each HOH will put 2 nominations, and compete in a battle group called Block Battle. The award-winning nominee deserves security and, in addition, those who put the VHF into explosion, leave HOH as a substitute agent. The POV still exists, so there are now 2 options for the candidate

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